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IRR, NPV, Cash on Cash, and more.

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Analysis for existing properties (retail / office / industrial / apartment / multifamily / self storage), developments (subdivision / condo / commercial), lease comparisons (tenant rep / owner rep / lease vs. buy), partnerships - groups, or portfolio … planEASe provides the solution for you. For specific solutions use the samples menu shown on top.

Every analysis breaks down to three main steps:

1 Enter Assumptions (9:29 min video)
Enter a simple single tenant analysis in 2 minutes, Importing with "EzEntry" , and more.

2 Analyze Cash Flow (4:39 min video)
Cash Flows, 'What If' Sensitivity, Risk analysis, IRR (Internal Rate of Return), NPV (Net Present Value), Cash on Cash, DCR (Debt Coverage Ratio), Capitalization Rates, and much more.

3 Presentation (6:17 min video)
'Publish to Web' (make a website in one click), printing, exporting, customize colors, fonts, watermarks, and more.

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Deliver it fast, make changes deliver fast again, and fast again. Often analysis is a process of agreeing on assumptions with clients and investors. planEASe enables you to deliver a property analysis website seconds after the analysis is complete. In conjunction with the website or instead of, report packages will print custom packages of reports for a presentation that can be filed away.

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