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Apartment Multifamily Cashflow Suggested Reports Video

video duration: 2:08 minutes

video description:
What reports are useful for apartments or self-storage and mobile home parks or any kind of unit investment where almost all all the reports on the report menu item are useful? The APOD, which will break down the initial acquisition date revenues and expenses, if there's a movie in here talking about the different kinds of things, also about the ratios and what they mean, if we exit, we could go to the acquisition report. Whenever you see chart, there's a chart available, one or more in the sale report. What's going to happen at the sale here that breaks down the after tax sale proceeds and then we can do a chart as well. The income statements is really your most dynamic report. You probably viewing it yearly and it has all the different income down the taxes and then all the different ratios and measures. If you're not familiar with those other ratios and measures, it talks about the time value of money and how these things are calculated. You can click on a graph and graph any of the information. You can graph anything that was was put in there. Then under the annual statements, we can give you that on a year by year basis. Again, the movies walk you through the information and we have the assumptions report which talk about the assumptions in a very the manner that's more easy to look at than the pages. And then we have the rent roll. And depending on the type of property you're doing, the right law can be useful or not. And you can switch which year you're looking at at the top right here. And the title page is you can print out a glossary of terms. Now, that all comes together in the basic analysis, Vertical View shows one page what's going to happen before tax. Here's the down payment needed. The cash flow that's going to arise, the sale. And what's the IRR, which is equal to the yield on a bank account. Page two is taxable. Page three is after tax. If you do have a horizontal basis, the years will be horizontal across the top and then in detail you can look at different detail areas of the analysis and then a movie, it tells you more about that.