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Development for Commercial Real Estate Assumption Entry Video

video duration: 3:06 minutes

video description:
Entering the assumptions for a commercial development, commercial development is beginning to develop hold, and when you sell, it's going to be a capital gains sale. Select development spending, and in here, this is where you can have all your costs. You can do construction, draw a permanent loan. As you scroll down, you'll see here's the construction draw and a monthly basis, it's going to be created from the draw, the spending items that were put in and it's going to draw each month based on your spending, which then switches to a permanent. And then if you are doing a retail office, then you would go up to the edit menu item and you'd probably select reimbursements. Let's open up a file so that you can see that. So then he would go up to edit and select reimbursements and then you would put in the reimbursements and you'd have all your expenses listed out here if you had more expenses and you can say where they're going to be net dollars, stop, base your stop and so on.