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Development of Commercial Real Estate Suggested Reports Video

video duration: 3:07 minutes

planEASe software video description:
What are the best reports to use when you're looking at a commercial development? Definitely would want to use the Construction Draw. Here we're seeing on a monthly basis, and it shows you how much you can draw each month. The debt service shows you the total amount of debt service if you scroll to the bottom and always show you the total amount of interest on the construction draw. BasicAanalysis really brings everything together, view horizontal or vertical. All the IRR and net present values are calulated on a monthly basis. The income statements are the most dynamic report, and I'll show you all the numbers over time. One of the ratios you want to look at for sure are the adjusted cash on cash and adjusted cap rate, which are like developer's cash on cash and developer's capitalization rate. The Sale Report, which is the commercial, the capital gains sale at the end, can be useful and of course we can chart that. The rent roll can show you the different leases. And I have a description for each different lease. And you can choose what year you want to see that for. Also, the assumptions report will show the assumptions over time or so, the assumptions that were used for the report.