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Commercial Real Estate Exchange Video

video duration: 1:00 minutes

planEASe software video description:
Exchange could be done in two different ways. You can either be representing someone who's done an into a new analysis and here you just want to do a substitute basis. So the way you would add that page, you would be on a depreciation page and go up to edit and say. Add substitute basis page, you can only have one, so it's great out now, but it would be black when you do it and then it would add this page ad substitute basis, then you would put in the original braces and cost recovery. Or if you're going to you can go to utilities and do an exchange recap if you're going to be a balance in exchange, you can balance the exchange in here. Just go to file open exchange. And we'll open one on one called sample three, here's a three party exchange, you simply fill in the white boxes and hit balance equities and balance that. If you press the EF1 key, help will come up telling you more about the exchange, recap and function once you're in there.