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Lease vs Buy Real Estate Cashflow Assumption Simple Method Suggested Reports Video

video duration: 1:16 minutes

planEASe software video description:
Acquisition report which will show what's going to happen at acquisition. And there's a chart for that. If you go to the report menu items like sale report, how is the sale going to happen at the end of the holding period? Here we have it before tax, but we can also click the after tax and this will break down what the sale proceeds would be at the end of the 10 years. And of course, we have a chart there. We would probably make it so that the cash proceeds were in green. And explode that segment and then finally we exit back, if we go to the report and go to assumptions report there all you can print out the assumptions report indicating the assumptions that you used to make the file. Also, if if the customer wants to understand more about IRR and what it means, if you go to the movie item under measures, it talks about the internal return and also the idea of time, value of money and how to verify those numbers inside of Excel or Google spreadsheet.