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planEASe Commercial Video

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video description:
planEASe Software is a real estate analysis software product designed to help you whenever you want to do cash flow projections for real estate investments and developments. Now we're doing this kind of analysis. Presentation is very important because you want to be able to communicate the analysis to the customer with charts and graphs in the millions that you can have in many different colors and formats and you can add perspective to the plan is really helps. This way you can also save your file and send it to your customer as a reader file and they'll be able to open it with the demo and do these kinds of graphs themselves. Now, you can also save your files or print your files to PDF. And when you do that, here we're looking at apartments or retail apartment development, a cost comparison, a tenant rep. You can print that in color or in black and white. This is an LLC plan is also those partnerships. Now, you can also save that as a Web page and view it and email out of Internet Explorer, or you can open that up inside a Microsoft Word and highlight a number, give it some more emphasis. You can also export that to Excel and put that into Excel if you want to see it that way, depending on how the customer wants to see it. You can also export the graphs and put them into PowerPoint. Now, the presentations important, but also the analysis here. We're going to vary the price of property against the IRR or the sale amount against the IRR. Also, we can vary the way in between so we can vary like the range of probability on one of the leases or the vacancy factor. Any of the assumptions that you've entered into planning, as you can vary and everything that's linked to those assumptions is very at the same time. You could also compare properties this way here were going to vary the holding period on to different properties and they compare against each other that this could also be the same property with different loans. There's lots of things you can do with this this other kind of What-If analysis of Planas that's called risk analysis, where you can vary many things at the same time. Here we have a number of things that we've put up there and we say we're going to run a thousand IRR. So it's randomly selecting out of those areas and it creates a more complicated what if caught him on a caller? What if analysis when you get started and games with the demo, there's a how to start menu item. When you click that, how to start it to bring up a movievthat you can control by the menus at the top, you can pause the movie or restart the movie. You can also drag that little ball at the top to move along the movie to different areas. There are movies to help you get started as far as learning how to enter the numbers, but also when you go to the different reports, there are movies giving you over the reports, also movies about the different ratios if you're not familiar with the ratios or the measures.